Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Me me and more me!!!

All about me. My name is C.T.R or Cow. As you can see i love cows. Me and my friend love to bike ride, read Twilight, draw, write story's about Missing Cheese, and talk about Middle School. My fav. color is neon green and yellow, neon pink, and black.
Sometimes blue. My fav. book is the twilight series but my fav. book in the series is breaking dawn. I LOVE CHOCOLATE!!!!! and caramel in chocolate. But what i hate is little pesky brothers. My BESTESTESTER friend is SYDNEY!!! we meet in fifth grade with the help of my other friend.(she moved) AND I LOVE TO BLOG!!! i got my nickname from my friend, Sydney, she loves cows let me say that again she LOVES cows.
i think that all u really need to know about me, me, and more me!!!