Sunday, November 2, 2008

This is Halloween... This is Halloween...Halloween...Halloween!!!

Halloween was AWESOME!!! And i got a lot of candy. I mean like A LOT of candy. Trick or treating was so fun. But before even starting mum told us what we are allowed this: Chocolate. period as in nothing else. Also mum made a new way of spending hallowen: we are only allowed 10 pieces of candy, and for each 5 pieces we get 25 cents. So when everyone got home, (except Alannah cause she was at a party) we started to dump all of our candy out and count it. I didn't get to all of it but so far i had, 100 pieces of candy. And i was very proud of it cause that meant i got $5.00 so far!! So then the next day mum got to counting so the final tally is:

Me: 151 , $7.51
Alannah: 210, $10.20
Matthew: 147, $7.oo or somthing like that

And that was my Halloween. =D

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